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Welcome to Books&Arts. No matter what subject you enjoy reading about most, you'll find that Books&Arts offers its readers something more than a tour of the usual Arts&Ideas section found in other publications. Also, "When he's focused, Wyclef," a Haitian national, "is easily hip-hop best songwriter," Time Magazine, June 24, 2002.   

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The premiere of 'The Agronomist,' in New York City (U.S.A.), April 13, 2004. The film is a personal documentary project from Academy Award wining director Johatham Demme.His film is a story about Montas' husband, Haitian journalist and human rights activist Jean Léopold Dominique who was assassinated in the early hours of April 3, 2000, in the courtyard of his Radio Haiti Inter radio station, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (All photos Jeff Christensen/Reuters)  

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Michele Montas arrives at the premiere of 'The Agronomist.' Michele Montas (L) joins director Johatham Demme at the premiere of 'The Agronomist.'
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Atress Merryl Streep arrives at the premiere of 'The Agronomist.'
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Actress Kim Cattrall arrives at the premiere of 'The Agronomist.' Singer Wyclef Jean arrives at the premiere of 'The Agronomist.'
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Former dancer Katherine Dunham arrives at the premiere of 'The Agronomist.' Wyclef hugs diector Johatham Demmes as they arrive at the premiere of 'The Agronomist.'
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Haitian native and prominent writer Edwidge Danticart, far left, one of the 2004 Cannes' film festival jurors. (Reuters Photo)

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Jean-Baptiste Point DuSable, an African American from  Saint-Domingue,

now Haiti, the pioneer settler of the U.S. city of Chicago, 1779.

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Brutal dictator and radical leftist Jean-Bertrand Aristide, predator of press freedom 2002/

Haiti press freedom - Annual report 2002

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