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Our Second Fundraising Drive, Nearly Ten Years After Our Birth

$Wehaitians.com Is Awaiting Your Invaluable Financial Assistance$
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Reading serious news, intelligent political and economic analysis, and much more, of poignant interest. Overall, democracy. Sure you need it, if you are not inclined to permit your quality of life to be afterward changed, in the negative terms, by those for whom you have first expressed your electoral sentiments. Politicians, to cite only these ones, can be the equal of a "Damocles Sword" suspending in the perimeter that surpasses the superior part of your head. Let's prevent so, and today by sending your financial contribution to wehaitians.com.

"Education," said John Dewey, "is the fundamental method of social progress and reform."

Arguably, wehaitians.com, a publication of We Haitians United We Stand For Democracy, and whose cardinal tenet is simply truth, increasingly continues to be an invaluable resource for an incalculable number of people, including those who think they know it all about politics, human rights, democracy, economics, to cite only these ones.

First published in March 2000 to take part in a severe contest between democracy and human rights, which press forward, and dictatorship obstructing the Haitian people and others' progress, today because of its continuing intelligent reporting, on issues not limited to human rights, more than one hundred thousand of people - a lot more are expected to do so - visit wehaitians.com on a daily basis.

That the costs (economic) of publishing such an expanse journal - more than 57,000 news articles, columns, photographs and much more - or bringing you on daily basis the finest writing on current events and others, continue to go upward, and rapidly so, now we find it necessary that you, our visitors, consider making a financial contribution - small or big.

Thinking optimistically - Whatever the financial contribution you make, small or big, you will not regret it. You will find yourself appreciating a lot more wehaitians.com for also remaining, even two years from now, commendably democratic, and that you deserve congratulation too for your support of financial nature, for helping to advance knowledge - by way of alternative, for being instrumental to the promotion of human rights and democracy, in Haiti and elsewhere.

By way of explanation, pretend you are a member of a non-visible minority group and your writings largely differ - based on a set of doctrines or beliefs that form the basis of the alternate political, economic, or other system, they happen to reflect - those of wehaitians.com. Still, you send them to its editor for publication. They will eventually be recognized by the editor in question and gut his or her publication to accommodate them. That is, perhaps, your ultimate-financial assistance effect.   

Your check, payable to the order of Wehaitians.com, may be mailed, and today, to: P.O. Box 390581, Cambridge, MA 02139 (U.S.A.)

Thank you in advance for your invaluable financial assistance.

Yves A. Isidor, Executive Editor

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