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videoMore World Breaking News
SLIDESHOWarrow Obama's people, including Haitian-American Patrick Gaspard
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video Magazine
Featured ...
SlideshowarrowHaiti: The Shattered Year

The year in review: A Haiti earthquake in the time of cholera and lethal poverty
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Les Coteaux, a pleasant south of Haiti city is awaiting your visit
Les Anglais, the south of Haiti town you visited


videoHaiti native Dr. Guy Theodore, a former U.S. Air Force Chief Surgeon














images wehaitians.comAt least 35 different pages of have top 50 rankings on Google; the Haitian-American New York Times competes directly with a large number of big name, international publications

Featuredwehaitians imageArticles 


arrow"I want to represent Haiti"

arrowHaiti gifflee severement au visage a Londre (Haiti repeatedly slapped in London)

arrowFour Haitian children died after witch doctor failed to place the devil in handcuffs

arrowZimbabwean mother who wanted to become a millionaire killed son, but got only $20 dollars for ear sold to witch doctor

video"F you, pig niggers, no wedding for you in my white First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Miss."

arrowWhen dark skinned members of Martelly's government say "black, oh, not beautiful, ugly, and yes, very ugly, instead want to look white in appearance"

arrowDominican Consumer protection Institute denounced the terrible production of the sausages, using excess chemical substances and even dung

massacre 1A little news making, big massacre in Haiti; at least 8, including babies, said with the help of bayonette, murdered

arrowIn Uganda, no kissing, no sex, even before or after you say "I Do"

videoProud Haitians at London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony    videoPre-London games video - Samyr Laine

arrowHaiti's president brother-in-law, long accused to also be a drug lord, is said to have received bribe from Martelly

haiti cherieHaitian culture, not represented at well attended Somerville summer street festival

money657 borrowed by Haiti's government of Martelly is believed to have been stolen by members of the government of the same; president's wife is accused of being a land "big thief"

accident 1Haiti's President Martelly, Boston's Yvon Altheon, escaped tragic death; at least 7 badly injured, including 6-year-old girl

arrowA happy ending for two sons of God, Boston's Haitian-American community rejoiced

arrowKidnapped Boston-based Haitian-American pastor, church lady released.

arrowSecret Service turns Martelly's request down for security

martelly joke
World's laughingstock President Martelly More

videoJordanian MP pulls gun during TV debate, comes close to pumping fatal shots into colleague's body 

american haitian2 jailed Americans, with Haitian girlfriends, regain liberty in Haiti

arrow"Even if you have no money to purchase basic foods, you pay or we jail you"

arrowRadio station critical of Haiti's president Martelly firebombed.

petion ville"We will burn down Petion Ville, overthrow Martelly"

arrowUruguay plans to let government sell marijuana

paul thieryProven cretin Haiti Interior Minister Thierry Mayard-Paul (L), others to soon be classified as "corrosive murderous thugs" by prominent international press freedom groups, Young radio journalist lost kidney after fatal shots 
Rapport_Droits_Humains_2011 (Human Rights Reports 2011, a very painful one), in French

haiti murder 1murder haitiHaiti, earthly hell Despite repeated promises of a safer nation, Haiti 1 year under Martelly a lot more dangerous (in French)

arrow"You bozo Haitians, here in Dominican Republic no work permit, no working"

gunPop, Pop, Pop In Haiti, an attempt to pump fatal shots into nation's president close friend body, that of felon Roro Nelson

lauryn hillWhen the rich, including Lauryn Hill, steal from the public purse; pleaded guilty Friday

martelly 12Meet our Excellency Michel Joseph Martelly of the Republic of Haiti

videoLes Coteaux, the Haiti's city, in the south, to visit   arrowHotelSomando, Coteaux



gate scandalHaiti-Dominican Republic: The BananaGate Scandal

blue bullet
Michel Martelly: President de la Republique d'Haiti ou corrupteur de grande echelle, aussi grand baron de la drogue en vetements presidentiels? (Michel Martelly: President of the Republic of Haiti or man who pracitzes grand-scale corruption, drug lord in presidential vestments?)

blue bullet
Grand-scale corruption: Dominican authorities investigating Haitian contracts awarded to senator

blue bulletCRIME OF HIGH TREASON Oh, my God! How former Haiti's Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive, others allegedly also plotted with Dominican Republic companies to steal hundreds of millions of dollars given by the international community for the reconstruction of Haiti


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  Special Reports 
kkk3More than an encore, suspect in latest U.S. mass shooting has ties to racist groups  Related A Few Haitian-Americans, the vagabond people who call African-Americans "Deviants"
obama heritageObama has ties to slavery not by his father but his mother, research suggests
After 70 fatal shots in total, tragedy at the movie theater: another U.S. mass shooting, at least 12 killed, 58 injured and the God given-right to bear arms in America  
social classesTwo classes in America, divided by 'I do'   videoSingle and unequal
jobs h
haiti new 1
Earthquake relief where Haiti was not broken   
Financed by $224 million in subsidies flowing to Haiti as a result of the earthquake, the Caracol Industrial Park is hardly reconstruction in the strictest sense. The spending of reconstruction funds in Caracol is misplaced, say critics. The A.F.L.-C.I.O. accuses Sae-A of using bribes, rape, death threats and imprisonment to break up unions in Guatemala. The site is associated with foreign exploitation. During the United States occupation in the early 20th century, it harbored the Chabert Post, where the Marines ran a prison labor camp infamous for brutal treatment of captured rebels. One rebel leader, Charlemagne Péralte, an iconic figure in Haiti immortalized on a coin, was initially buried on the property in an unmarked grave.  Former Haitian prime minister, Jean-Max Bellerive, called the presence of Sae-A in Caracol “a great day for Haiti.” More
photo wedding 1Haiti: A wedding of the super-rich few, not one of the perpetual plentiful dirt-poor

More Special  Reports


Also on languages

Answers of the day

anedie azael 1
Miss Universe 2011 Pageant. Anedie Azael
of Haiti, one of the competitors. More/Content

lomdon olympics 3012
The London 2012 Olympics




aids america
Endgame: On PBS, AIDS in black America Related: When blame is again unjustly assigned to Haitians tor the pandemic, AIDS - Biginning July 10, 2012



On PBS, The unprecedented film on Haiti Orchestre Septentrional

  ulrick pierre-louis


jazz festival haiti

More  /  Related Not only politics, Haiti's International Jazz Festival, too





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This Week

More ...
Roundtable: Haitian music
Roundtable: Haitian music, part 2:: "What does revolution sound like?"
videoHaitian music

videoMore Haitian music, 1970s (interpretation)
videoHaitian carnivals
videoMore Haitian carnivals
videoLegendary Haitian comedians, humourists, and raconteurs   (
All in Haitian Creole, in Comics Section)
Celebrities'crimes, click on mug shot mania
Haiti-born Hollywood actress, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon
Discover the other Haiti, a Haitian Eden
pierre-richard prosper
Pierre-Richard Prosper, a son of two Haitian physicians who from 2001 to 2005 served as the second United States Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues under President George W. Bush. More 
montas 1-2-07.jpg (22389 bytes)
(AP Photo/UN,Paulo Figueiras-HO)
Haiti Michele Montas, a former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon principal spokeswoman
mi jean 2.jpg (44643 bytes)
(AP/Photo CP,, Fred Chartand)
When Haitian native, Michaelle Jean, above, a glamorous television journalist, officially became first Black and third woman Governor-General  of Canada and now Chancellor of the University of Ottawa
Discover weapons of mass distraction
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The funny pages   arrowAlso, Jean-Bertrand Aristide in pictures
videoPapa Doc, Baby Doc, the genocidal dictators
More ...
gilbert bigio
Gilbert Bigio, Haiti Bill Gates?
election 2012
Already, untold number of freedom marches, still much more must be done, and today, to also preserve our hard-earned voting rights

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palais before
The Haitian National Palace of government, Haiti's most distinctive building, where citizens must chiefly put great weight on checks and balances, on limits to power and hence to abuses of power, if the Caribbean nation is to finally become a democracy and permanently remain so, after more than 200 years of totalitarian dictatorship.
destroyed haiti palace
RUINED FRONT PORTICO OF THE HAITI'S NATIONAL PALACE AFTER THE JANUARY 12, 2010 DEVASTATING EARTHQUAKE. The Caribbean nation's first palace was unfortunately inhabited by scoundrels, tyrants, opportunists, charlatans and blowhards. So long was the roster of curses, we stop here. (Frederic Dupoux/Getty Images) More Related Images: The Aftermath of Haiti Killing Earthquake / Haiti Fierce Earthquake  / Also, a Report











model 1
A model displays a creation by Haitian designer David Andre at a fashion show during the Dominicana fashion week in Santo Domingo October 20,, 2009 REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FASHION SOCIETY)
haiti dance
A Grand Celebration of Haitian Culture The second annual Haitian Dance, Music and Arts Festival was well underway this past weekend at the Mission Cultural Center, in San Francisco, CA.. Friday (October 21, 2011) kicked off the first event, Haiti in Music, featuring Haitian opera singer Fabienne Denis and several master drummers. More
 ping pong
In Haiti, ping pong not the activity that provides entertainment or amusement only for the affluent few Enlarge this image


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voodoo cere1

ANNUAL RITUAL ... A 2009 Day of the Dead Voodoo celebration in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (Reuters/Eduardo Munoz) .
/ Bring a 'Qui Tam' lawsuit against former tyrant Aristide and others

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