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Posted June 22, 2012

Haiti: A wedding of the super-rich few, not one of the plentiful perpetual dirt-poor, at the historic Palais Sans-Souci, in Milot, near Cap-Haitien  

This marriage is a milestone in the social life of Cap-Haitien, Haiti's second largest city. It is that of Nuncio Zephir's daughter, Elodie, and his wife Yacinthe, born Vorbe. The groom is of the Dura family, in Port-au-Prince. 
septen 1
septen 2
wedding h 1
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wedding h 4
wedding h 7
wedding h 8
wedding h 9
wedding h 10
wedding h 11
wedding h 12
wedding h 13
wedding h 14
wedding h 15

The perpetual dirt-poor Haitians, not even rotten defecation-infested water for them

poverty 40 h 1
poverty h 41
poverty h 41

*The last three photographs may be copyrighted.

haiti rich 10
Haiti of the super rich, also perennial standard-bearers of the very sad nation confluence of untold number of problems, their house slaves   arrowWhat is the Haitian Elite?
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