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Professor Yves A. Isidor conveys his thoughts or opinion to the U.S. news media (partial)
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Welcome to our journal of scholarly opinion (a repository of ultimate knowledge) that is cloaked in the protective veil of political and economic jargons. Arguably, just as everyone using a first generation calculator could claim to be an expert at multiplication. So today, thanks to the Internet, even citizens who unadroitly reproduce other people's work, for example, on their Web sites, can boast to be journalists. We have differentiated ourselves, made our mark intelligently reporting not just events but explaining their meaning. This is manifested by our many columns (left, below). We hope the contents of our columns, at first, captivate the minds of readers and, thereafter, engage in a full-throated debate about the hope for a democratic and prosperous Haiti, long clamored loudly by most of the estimated 8.2 million Haitian nationals and friends of the Caribbean Republic. 
Professor Yves A. Isidor, executive editor of wehaitians.com, the perfect arbiter of ultimate truth

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In This Editorial/Column Section
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born illegitimately to a French merchant in Haiti.

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