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Posted August 3, 2009
Haiti, Still at War With Itself, as Would be Kidnapped Visitor
Is Forced to Fatally Terminate the Lives of Alleged Bandits
new victims 2


The late Pierre and Josephine Dorsainvil, in an undated photo, were murdered during a vacation to their native Haiti.


CAMBRIDGE, MA, Aug. 3 - He had friends and family members, in fact in high places, in the current Haitian government, which many always refer to as a quasi-legal gang.

Approximately a week ago, after arriving in Haiti, which the Canadian government just less than three weeks before, with a lot of fanfare, pronounced to be safe - perhaps, because "hypocrisy," according to Lord Palmerton, "is an essential element of diplomacy" - from Switzerland, where he has long been a resident or citizen by naturalization, which ever applies, he was urged by Luc Echer Joseph, the long for-life national security chief, though his land has long lacked the attributes of a sovereign state, as the continuing presence of foreign forces there primarily suggests, to be prudent.

"So dangerous is Haiti, where only ‘cowboys’ reign, I cannot protect even myself," a senior Haitian police officer told on the customary condition of anonymity because he feared losing his hard-earned, nearly inexistent, poorly remunerated job, if not ultimately being assassinated, in broad daylight, as retribution, Mr. Joseph further told the unidentified visiting Haiti native his nearly immediate subaltern believed was a close relative of his.

The protection of a person’s life is always his or her foremost priority, especially when a man or a woman resides in or is visiting Haiti (where, to borrow the words of Jean Jacques Rousseau, many often beat the drums of ignorance, as corruption continues to also be endemic), a mountainous nation, in practical terms, that has long ceased to exist, as the fast growing numerous spectacular, brutal death menacing factors also affirm.

Yet, since it is so, it would be wrong not to take the measure of the small Caribbean quasi-island’s president, the always intoxicated, largely inarticulate former failed neighborhood baker Rene Preval; also, that of its yellow teeth (dan kani) prime minister, Michelle Duvivier Pierre-Louis, who, too, has a real talent for derangement. They can both be referred to as "Absolute Zero" senior government executives, meaning that there is no measurable or otherwise determinable value to help measure their performance, in the positive terms.

A few days later, as the visitor who recently entered the prime of life, with a plenitude of personal rare achievements, was driving on a street of the trash-filled, largely dilapidated capital city of Port-au-Prince, still should rightly be his last refuge, to paraphrase the famous pronouncement of Samuel Johnson, since this is the city where he was born, at the unconventional hour of approximately 3:30 a.m., shortly after leaving a public party, he only prevented himself from suffering the fate, that is being kidnapped for a ransom, if not ultimately being brutally murdered, often after pain is inflicted through hours-long torture, even after a ransom is paid, of thousands of other citizens, including Americans, only after he terminated, with the help of his rented automobile, the lives of his would be three kidnappers.

new victim
An unidentified man brutally murdered in Haiti, after he was kidnapped and a ransom paid. (Image may be subject to copyright)

A few hours thereafter, the still trembling visitor boarded the first flight living the sinkhole of carnage Haiti and ultimately returned to his adoptive northern European nation of Switzerland.

Unfortunately, more than five years after superbly murderous, extremely corrupt dictator, if not, too, alleged drug lord of drug lords, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, to give the description of the rightly deposed tyrant a more convincing degree of certainty, so-called Haitian politicians, in position of responsibility, "learn nothing." To further paraphrase Voltaire, "they forget nothing."

By way of conclusion, as the French pundit Plushah Shonge might say of Haiti, "Plus c’est la même chose," as the destitute, hopeless Haitians, in increasing numbers, continue to embark on perilous voyages, with the United States as their ultimate destination, in search of better material conditions, in scale – the later, some of the prerequisites for real democracy.

Yves A. isidor, who teaches economics at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, is the executive editor of and Spokesperson for We Haitians United We Stand For Democracy.

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