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Wehaitians.com, widely regarded, not least by itself, as the world's only English language Haitian-American scholarly journal of democracy and human rights of record, and whose cardinal tenet is simply truth, welcomes correspondences in English, French and Spanish, preferably with an emphasis on Haiti, from visitors for publication. For authenticity, all letters, articles and press releases should include the writers' names, postal addresses and telephone numbers. Letters, articles and press releases that are recognized by Wehaitians.com may be edited for clarity before they are accommodated. Wehaitians.com deals with questions of objectivity, accuracy and relevance by grading letters, articles and press releases according to their content before they are recognized and accommodated. Wehaitians.com also publishes studies in the languages mentioned earlier, and this at a very competitive (economic) cost. However, studies will only be considered for publication if they are each accompanied by a signed cover letter, which includes the researcher's name, date of completion of the research, title of the research, purpose of the research, a telephone number and postal address where the researcher can be reached. WeHaitians.com (a repository of ultimate knowledge), its staff writers, editor and other employees, add its parent political pressure group, We Haitians United We Stand For Democracy, should not be, in part or in full, liable for any actions in reliance thereon.

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"Spring up again by the roots, for they are numerous and deep,"

Pierre Dominique Toussaint Louverture, the precursor of Haiti's

independence, in 1804.                                                                           

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"Politics ought to be adjusted, not to human reasonings, but to human nature, of which reason is but a part, and by no means the greatest part." Edmund Burke
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