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Posted Thursday July 24, 2003
Funds donated to Boston Catholic Charities' Haitian Multi-Service Center reportedly swindled
By Hazel Bynoe

In Haiti there is a say, "ou pa konen kombyen kokobe dife touye" or "Until a building is on fire, you cannot count tenants with physical disabilities." Last week, a single tip from a former employee of the Haitian Multi-Service Center led mattapanonline.org to a sighting that casts doubt on the credibility of the executive director of the Haitian Multi-Service Center:

A bogus non-profit organization is operatingin parallel with the Haitian Multi-Service Center at 12 Bicknel Street in Dorchester.

In 1998, the Haitian Multi-Service would have received an important donation from a famous Martha's Vineyard family with a note explaining that the fund should be served to give starter loans to encourage entrepreneurship in the Haitian community. On March 15, 1999, while serving as executive director of the Haitian Multi-Service Center, Pierre Imbert and two other partners, Yves K Montima and Louis Bowdith, registered a non-profit corporation with the Massachusetts Attorney General called SEED, Inc. with the purpose of raising funds to give small loans to Haitians. Shortly after Pierre Imbert applied and obtained a trust ID or FEIN number 04-3460450 from Internal Revenue service, which he used to open a checking account at the South Shore Cooperative Bank.

The executive director managed to run his bogus non-profit organization clandestinely within the Haitian Multi-Service Center in Dorchester for almost three years; although the legal address of the charity is supposedly, 99 High Street, Brookline, MA according to records from the Attorney General's Office. Pierre served as clerk for this organization, a position that yields conflict of interest due to the fact that. Imbert, at that time, was a full-time paid employee of Catholic Charities with the title of executive director. Upon the creation of this non-profit, Louise Bowditch acted as President and Montima acted as treasurer. The account manager who deals with the checking account told one of our investigators that he has never met Pierre Montima or Mrs Bowditch.

On July 5, 2002, Pierre Imbert registered an amendment changing the name of the non-profit to SEED Haiti Community Development Loan Fund, although the address was not changed. The residents of this home stated that they are not aware of the SEED of Haiti, Imbert, Montima or Bowditch. Indeed, according to bank and other documents, Louise Bowditch is still living at this address. Which leads us to question, are Montima and Bowditch natural people or Imbert's imaginary friends?

Still, according to our investigation, the only known loan that SEED Haiti Community Development Loan Fund ever made to an individual was $4000 to a man residing at 9 Birch Circle in Taunton, MA, who may be Imbert's relative, since he is living or used to live at this Taunton address. Most of the funds collected by SEED Haiti has been spent on travel expenses, dinners in luxurious restaurants and consultant fees. At least two former employees of the Haitian Multi-Service Center worked as consultants for SEED. $945 was paid to a marketing consultant, $1300 to a media consultant, $450 for a specialist in community affairs, and $963 for legal fees.

Several Haitians contacted about SEED Haiti Community Development Loan Fund swear that they have never heard about this community organization. They is evidence that SEED Haiti Community Development Loan Fund often used the Haiti Multi-Service Center's name and office materials to boost their fund-raising efforts; at least five members of the Boston Chamber of Commerce stated that they donated funds to SEED Haitian Community Development Loan Fund.

As every citizen, Imbert has the right to create a charitable organization, but from experience, being the executive director of an organization is a handful of responsibilities. I believe that Imbert should focus his efforts in raising funds for the Haitian Multi-Service Center rather than creating a new non-profit corporation. The whole truth is disturbing.

Imbert has been involved in many wrongdoings, in which we have reported before. He is also known for bad-mouthing the press for reporting activities occurring at the Haitian Multi-Service Center, including our own editor.

At Mattapanonline.org we believe in the great American spirit: liberty, equality, fraternity and the pursuit of those who threat the freedom and the reputation of our friends and allies.              

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