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Posted April 5, 2010
Wilson Deronette Responds to Accusations That he, Too, Uses God's Name to Practize Corruption


The gross negligence of certain members of the Haitian media in confirming their facts before publishing vilely erroneous and slanderous information to the Haitian community is completely unacceptable. It is a sad testament to mankind that all that is good is constantly shed in a negative light to suit the purpose of the enemy. Instead of working together as one to help save our country of Haiti, we rather consistently allow our pride and sense of grandeur to dilute our good efforts.
Three of the Deronette Brothers, including Wilson. (Photo/wehaitians.com)
In regards to the specific humanitarian relief trip to Haiti occurring on February 25th through March 8th 2010, and pertaining to the unsound allegations that The Deronette Brothers - "swindled goods and funds raised in support of Haiti's earthquake victims", I would like to state plainly and clearly that every item and every cent we received, both as donations, went directly to the aide of Haiti's needy.

Furthermore, The Deronette Brothers did not travel to Haiti as an entity, but rather as part of a 501c3 non-profit organization named What's Mine Is Yours (WMIY), which was founded by Brunel Deronette. That being said, The Deronette Brothers do indeed lend their full support to the What's Mine Is Yours organization and have planned and intend to continue planning fundraisers to support WMIY.

Additionally, although WMIY is certainly a member of the Massachusetts Emergency Relief fund for Haiti (MERFH), WMIY has been operating independently since 2007, several years prior to the inception of the MERFH fund.

On Februrary 25th, What's Mine Is Yours traveled with over 1.5 tons of medicals supplies, clothing and food to Bon Repos, Haiti via the contiguous nation of Santo Domingo. On the WMIY's website there are photographs and video of WMIY distributing resources to over 6 communities in Haiti during this two week period. Needless to say given the gravity of the devastating earthquake which has crippled our beloved country, this years' annually scheduled trip proved especially challenging. The situation in Haiti was undeniably more dire than we expected. Our only alternative was to adjust our plans and provide as much assistance as possible. No, we were not able to feed and clothe every individual in Haiti; neither the Red Cross, nor Unicef could make such a claim, despite their vast financial resources. WMIY dedicated all the resources at our disposal to helping our people and we are gearing up to do so again.
wilson rossini
Rossini (L) and Wilson Deronette. (Photo/wehaitians.com)
Although we were plagued with a few setbacks we also received our share of blessings. We praise God that Delta Air lines allowed us to ship all of these supplies free of charge. We are also especially grateful to God for sending Mr. Ronny Collin, the Chief of Staff to the Minister of Social Affairs, who provided housing and security to WMIY and its volunteers throughout the mission.

In addition, we are happy to report that Mr. Collin made a sizeable donation of land to WMIY, for the purpose of building a crisis relief center in Haiti. Thankfully, WMIY was only held responsible for the legal fees to process the transaction and will update their website with more information as the details and timeline for the building construction formulate.

In this time of crisis, it is essential that we band together and focus on helping Haiti instead of tearing each other apart. Perhaps if we spent one tenth of our energies spreading the word regarding the never-ending need in Haiti , as opposed to spreading the unfounded frivolous gossip that has ensued, we could rebuild our country.

The Deronette Brothers pray for peace and unity amongst our people and will continue to preach our message of love and the good news of Jesus Christ. We praise God for seeing WMIY through this difficult mission and we implore the Haitian community to take heart; God has not forgotten our country. For more information regarding What's Mine Is Yours, please visit their website at www.whatsmineisyours.org  <http://eqrxchevs02/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.whatsmineisyours.org/>; .

Sincerely, Wilson Deronette Lead Singer of The Deronette Brothers 

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