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Posted October 7, 2002
Three presidents in jail
By Georges Sami Saati, moun.com

The new chief of the Southern Command, Army General James “Tom” Hill called drugs: “Weapon of mass destruction” being unleashed on the United States-responsible for the deaths of 19,000 Americans last year. (Miami Herald-October 5, 2002).

In the photographs, from left to rights, Manuel Antonio Noriega (Panama), Arnoldo Aleman (Nicaragua) and Jean-Bertrand Aristide (Haiti). What does they all have in common? Drug trafficking ( except for Aleman), grand thievery, gross incompetence, pronounced dictatorship, to name only these ones.                                              The President of Panama, General Manuel Antonio Noriega indicted on February 4, 1988 by a Federal grand jury, is now in a Miami Jail serving a 40-year sentence on drug trafficking.

noriega.jpg (6478 bytes)

Noriega, incarcerated for 40 years in the U.S. for trafficking in drugs. (Photo CNN)

aleman photo.jpg (10816 bytes)

Aleman, on trial for grand thievery.  He is accused of stealing more than $100 million - about the amount of money spent yearly to pay for the items of Nicaraguan Health Department budget. (Photo AFP/ Juan Pablo Aragon)

titigangstera11.jpg (11202 bytes)

Aristide, next for burning political opponents alive, gangterism, terrorism, grand deception, lying under oath,  drug trafficking, pillage of the Haitian public treasury, treason, illegal use of power, illegal use of the office of the presidency, abuse of illegal power, gross negligence, gross incompetence, staged coup d'état and many more.

The President of Nicaragua, Businessman Arnoldo Aleman who stole and laundered more than 100 million dollars, equals to the entire annual budget of his country’s Health Department, while more than half of the nation live in abject poverty. The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere affairs Mr. Otto Reich is determined to help fight corruption in Latin America. Soon a judge will indict Mr. Aleman on fraud and money-laundering charges. It is just a question of time before the media shows Mr. Aleman, also known to his fellow Nicaraguans as the “The Fat Man” handcuffed on plane departing for Miami to join his Compadre General Noriega also known by his fellow citizen as “God’s Favorite”.

The President of Haiti, Defrocked Priest Jean Bertrand Aristide, who completely destroyed a whole people and a country, is next in line. Mr. Aristide also known as “Titid” by his followers, turned the poorest country in America into a NARCO-STATE.

"Drugs, weapon of mass destruction."

United States Army General James "Tom" Hill

The Priest has become a BILLIONAIRE as reported in the news media, by exporting drugs to the United States and money-laundering. The cocaine flow to U.S. Shores has increased significantly since he was put back in power by Clinton and his Rascals.

The tyrant, and his corrupt regime makes sure that Colombian drug dealers are welcome to Haiti, and if they get caught, it is only a matter of hours, until they get enough GREENBACKS to bribe their way out of the Justice System.                                                                                                                                     U.S. Customs Agents are working hard to uncover millions of dollars worth of cocaine from ships arriving from Haitian Ports. Just last week, agents inspected The Marlin Express, freighter from Haiti to seize 277 Kilos of cocaine with a street value of more than $6million.                                                                                                                             Governor Jeb Bush, started "OPERATION RIVER WALK" to target drug smuggling on the Miami River. Mr. Bush said: "We are sending a message to drug smugglers: you're not welcome here anymore." Three vessels from Haiti, namely Etoile de Mer, Tacoma and
saati.jpg (16335 bytes)

Georges Sami Saati

Miguana, with $8 million worth of cocaine, were seized and sunk by Customs Service near Key Biscayne to create Reefs, for the benefit of scuba divers, fishermen and environmentalists.

During “OPERATION SHOWTIME” Drug officials found 176 pounds of cocaine from the Terisa Express and 66 pounds from the Gilbert Sea as they entered the Miami River in June 2000, both freighters were from Haiti.

According to ABC News, 14 percent of all cocaine and heroin coming to the U.S., now passes through Haiti. The flow has increased about 50 percent, smuggled aboard Haitian cargo ships.

Haiti is the perfect transshipment country, with the complicity of the government. Colombian drug traffickers can move freely in Haiti, with 100 percent chance of not getting arrested. Aristide and his cronies have a vested interest in making it easy for the dealers, since so much easy money is involved.

Haitian officials concede that traffickers run no risk of being caught, since the judiciary and the heads of the police force are profiting. The President even encourages the sale of drugs, since he gets his share, and his ANTI-AMERICAN stand is well known to the public.

Danny Toussaint a well known Haitian Senator declared to the journalists: “Cocaine is transported in the Presidential automobile from one place to another.”

General Barry R. McCaffey, the Clinton administration’s “Drug czar” said: “The situation in Haiti is very grim, there are major corruption problems and they do not control the drug flow”.

Clinton said: “Our national security, the well being of our children is at stake. We can create a safer, more drug-free society. We can do this if we work together. At the same time, he sends a Drug Dealer back to Haiti with 23,000 U.S. troops. Is this hypocritical or was it a mistake on Bill’s part?

Michael Vigil, the DEA Special agent in charge of the Caribbean said: “The Colombians are taking advantage of the situation in Haiti, and are moving in so they can take direct…control.” Also, the U.S. government did not certify Haiti as a reliable partner in the drug war.

The President of the Dominican Republic during a visit last week in Washington told U.S. officials that time is running out for Haiti. He said that: “Haiti has become the Center of Drug Trade in the Caribbean.”

Mary Anastasia O’Grady, Senior Editor of the Wall Street Journal, in an article published June the 18, 2002 regarding Mr. Mario Andrésol, the former central director of the Haitian Judiciary Police from 1988 to 2001, who commanded five special units, including the anti-drug bureau and the bureau of criminal affairs. She quotes the Haitian Top Cop, Mr. Andrésol who is now in hiding says, “…people involved in drug trafficking are working with Aristide. If you arrest one of them, the whole country is shaken because you arrested the president’s man.” He also alleges that “…people I have arrested for drug trafficking and crime were promoted in the police department.”

U.S. Intelligence officials have enough evidence to indict Mr. Aristide and bring him to justice. As Army General James Hills puts it “…drugs is a weapon of mass destruction”, and we believe this for one second, we do receive thousands of those bombs of mass destruction every day in the United States.

The infamous drugs are massively destroying our children, the future of America, annihilating entire families. Cocaine is undermining our youth, our school system and the morale of the country. We now have more criminals, addicts, people who would do anything without remorse, just to get a little bit of drug to satisfy their urge for a high.

Aristide must be dealt with NOW. He must be arrested NOW. No more IMPUNITY. One more example to be sent to corrupt governments in Latin America.

There are many forms of terrorism. Shipping cocaine is one of them, as destructive as bombs or planes against towers. In 2001, three thousand people died at the World Trade Center in New York, and according to General Hill, drugs killed 19,000 Americans in the same year.

Soon, we will have THREE CORRUPT PRESIDENTS in Miami Jails for drug trafficking and money-laundering namely: Noriega, Aleman and Aristide.

Georges Sami SAATI MOUN Miami, Florida Saturday, October 6, 2002

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