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arrow.gif (824 bytes)Les Coteaux, a pleasant south of Haiti city is awaiting your visit
arrowLes Anglais, the south of Haiti town you visited
arrow.gif (824 bytes)Aristide, drugs, brutal murders, and millions of dollars
arrow.gif (824 bytes)Letters, largely believed to further affirm extreme violence-issued President Preval was assigned mostly the equivalent grade of F, lacks college degree
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videoHaiti native Dr. Guy Theodore, a former U.S. Air Force Chief Surgeon




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SPECIAL SECTIONS: bluebulletHaiti, since the January 12, 2010 fierce earthquake  bluebulletTHE BIG FILES: Haiti 2010 candidates for public offices, their criminal records, if any ...


For democracy fault line not to be further painfully exposed in Haiti, the replacement of the Caribbean nation's corrosive tyrant Preval, not a man who too has attained the "age of criminal menopause"
arrowWhen Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly (49) proposes to his fellow Haitian presidential candidate Mirlande Hypolitte Manigat 70) (Click on link above to enlarge image)
martelly manigat 
flag haiti
james johnson 1
Untold number of freedom fighters ..                   

arrowPortuguese TV star slain, CASTRATED at NYC hotel
arrowNew, big challenges face Obama the candidate
NEWS PACKAGE, from around the globe, including shooting of US Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford, federal judge who died, at least 10 others, every 5 minutes, 24/7
SLIDESHOW/Returning home in Sudan for a historic vote
arrowMassachusetts highest court ruling has the potential to nullify untold number of foreclosures
arrowUS may support disposing results of disputed Haitian vote
arrowSisters imprisoned 16 years ago after they were convicted of stealing at gunpoint $11 are released for organ transplant
arrowCensus: Number of poor in the U.S. may be millions higher
videoDianne Wilkerson sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison for bribery; must report to federal prison, perhaps in Danbury, Conn. the only women federal prison in New England, on or before March 11
videoWomen in Haiti's squalid refugee camps face rampant rape
arrowState lawmakers outline plans to end birthright citizenship, drawing outcry
IMAGE/Haiti's nudist man
arrowHaiti second round of presidential vote, not possible before February
arrowA year later, Haiti struggles back
arrowMost Americans say tax rich to balance budget: poll
arrow14 states may target birthright citizenship
arrowAmerican cities that are running out of people; nine problems that could derail the US economic recovery in 2011
arrowHaiti suffers year of crisis with nobody in charge
arrowHaiti should be an unlikely backdrop for the latest failure of the humanitarian relief system (Also, in French)
arrowControversial slavery paintings coming down from Atlanta office
arrowProfessors urge citizens of extreme economic means to 'give back' tax cut
One of Haiti few major business enterprises consumed by voracious flames
arrow2010: The Year in Pictures
arrowThe year in review: A Haiti earthquake in the time of cholera and lethal poverty
arrowHomes at risk, with lawyers out of reach
blue1A Must Read: The 10th Annual Year in Ideas

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  Bettman/Corbis, via The New York Times/THE LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA, an encyclopedic publication - Quench your curiosity! Pamper your intellect, too!
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Wehaitians com, a repository of ultimate knowledge, a publication with a reputation for moral rectitude, an electronic journal that publishes "prima facie" evidence of crimes committed, for example, by public officials, as visitors attest
Again, an
Extremely Painful
Five Year-Term
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Under elephantiasis violence-issued de facto President, even fascist, Preval under the forms of democracy Haiti will not be permitted to extricate itself from suffocating poverty, chaos, terrorism, drug trafficking, despair - overall, anti-United States                     

jeune haiti

The must read publication


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girlie haitian presidents
When current Haitian president, former Haitian heads of state say "We are  now all girlies, no more men"





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arrowThe happy marriage is 'me' marriage
arrowWhy a budget is like a diet - ineffective
arrowLights, camera Africa
arrow2010: The Year in Pictures
arrowThe world top 200 universities 2010-2011
arrowMore ...

Roundtable: Haitian music
Roundtable: Haitian music, part 2:: "What does revolution sound like?"
videoHaitian music
videoHaitian carnivals
videoMore Haitian carnivals
videoLegendary Haitian comedians, humourists, and raconteurs   (All, in Haitian Creole, in Comics Section)
Celebrities'crimes, click on mug shot mania
Haiti-born Hollywood actress, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon
Discover the other Haiti, a Haitian Eden
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(AP Photo/UN, Paulo Figueiras-HO)
Haiti Michele Montas, a former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon principal spokeswoman
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AP/Photo CP, Fred Chartand
When Haitian native, Michaelle Jean, above, a glamorous television journalist, officially became first Black and third woman Governor-General  of Canada
Discover weapons of mass distraction
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The funny pages
videoPapa Doc, Baby Doc, the genocidal dictators
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The Haitian National Palace of government, Haiti's most distinctive building, where citizens must chiefly put great weight on checks and balances, on limits to power and hence to abuses of power, if the Caribbean nation is to finally become a democracy and permanently remain so, after more than 200 years of totalitarian dictatorship.
destroyed haiti palace
RUINED FRONT PORTICO OF THE HAITI'S NATIONAL PALACE  AFTER THE JANUARY 12, 2010 DEVASTATING EARTHQUAKE (Frederic Dupoux/Getty Images) More Related Images: The Aftermath of Haiti Killing Earthquake / Haiti Fierce Earthquake  / Also, a Report











model 1
A model displays a creation by Haitian designer David Andre at a fashion show during the Dominicana fashion week in Santo Domingo October 20,, 2009 REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FASHION SOCIETY)
gangs 1
A Haitian suspected of being a multiple assassin for former President Aristide's Lavalas party is controlled by another man. (REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar)



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voodoo cere1

ANNUAL RITUAL ... A 2009 Day of the Dead Voodoo celebration in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (Reuters/Eduardo Munoz) .
/ Bring a 'Qui Tam' lawsuit against former tyrant Aristide and others

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