Untold number of freedom fighters sent to the dark embrace of death by Haiti's bloodthirsty dictator Preval, his chosen successor Judge Celestin, 48, who has fathered 23 children with 13 different women (his love nest), including Patricia Preval, one of the tyrant's two daughters, who is now pregnant again for the man who only attended a trade school in Switzerland, but told everyone that he graduated magna cum laude with a baccalaureate degree in engineering from a university in the northern European nation. His level of formal education, by Western standards, is rather pedestrian. Many are convinced that if Celestin becomes president of Haiti, thought only fraudulently so, he will further emulate Suleiman (1520-1566), the greatest sultan of the Ottomans and one of the 16th century conquerors who had an harem of 300 women, including Roxelana, an ambitious beauty.     


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The unidentified victim of Rene Preval's totalitarian dictatorial rule was 20. All he wanted was a democratic Haiti, no more cooked elections' results. 
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James Johnson, who was of the age of 16, his young life was bestially terminated by terrorists, whose services were purchased tyrant Rene Preval, his chosen successor Judge Celestin.   
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A primitive dictator Rene Preval's bandit executing a democracy advocate protesting the tyrant's rigged presidential election results in broad daylight in Haiti's quake-cholera-hit capital city of Port-au-Prince.  

Citizens Protesting Tyrannical Rule

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Dictator Rene Preval's chosen successor Judge Celestin burned in effigy.
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