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Posted Thursday, June 21, 2012

Uruguay plans to let government sell marijuana                       

probation 1Poor Land in Jail as Companies Add Huge Fees for Probation   

photo wedding 1Haiti: A wedding of the super-rich few, not one of the perpetual plentiful dirt-poor

citigroup haiti
As U.S. very powerful Ciigroup bank celebrates its 200 anniversary, no mention of its unbelievable brutal past in Haiti is made, no reference to its consideration of Haitians as "grown up children"

(Photo: Reuters)<br>An Israeli man was charged with arson after he threw Molotov cocktails at the homes of African migrants in Tel Aviv.
Poor, Desperate, And Black Illegal African Intruders Stoke Anti Immigrant Attitudes In Israel

obama terry jonesLunatic American pastor who was also fined more than $3,000 by German authorities for referring to himself as doctor hangs us President Obama in effigy

haiti rich 10
Haiti of the super rich, also perennial standard-bearers of the very sad nation confluence of untold number of problems, their house slaves   arrowWhat is the Haitian Elite?

garlan millerLost in recession, toll on underemployed and underpaid Garland Miller, above,  has degrees in finance and accounting but works as a server at a restaurant 

Radio station critical of Haiti's president Martelly firebombed.

petion ville"We will burn down Petion Ville, overthrow Martelly"

clinton babyTHANK YOU BILL CLINTON FOR SHAKING MY HANDS  "You pig, criminal Baby Doc, no shaking of your bloody hands,' French Ambassador Didier Le Bret ,stationed in Haiti, apparently told the former tyrant at the nation's most prestigious high school 122 anniversary "grande fete" late last week

arrowMan to protest rinse only with soap citizens' dirty mouths law

arrowUruguay plans to let government sell marijuana

viginas you world "You Mr. Speaker, do not caress or squeeze my vagina" (coco or ḅbot, in Haitian Creole) "please" More

FATAL SHOTS Not long after that of a Florida state trooper, another high profile murder in Haiti - a roller coaster of drug trafficking, grand-scale corruption, gross incompetence, primitivity, etc.; U.S. embassy warns citizens 

rodney king 12Rodney King, unprecedented symbol of police brutality (more than 50 baton blows, at least 11 fractures), died at 47 dollar logo $3.8 million for Rodney King, afterward; not a dime yet, also for Evans Paul, long after a $41 million damage judgment was awarded to the victims of former Haiti dictator Prosper Avril

paul thieryProven cretin Haiti Interior Minister Thierry Mayard-Paul (L), others to soon be classified as "corrosive murderous thugs" by prominent international press freedom groups, Young radio journalist lost kidney after fatal shots 
Rapport_Droits_Humains_2011 (Human Rights Reports 2011, a very painful one), in French

haiti murder 1Haiti, earthly hell Despite repeated promises of a safer nation, Haiti 1 year under Martelly a lot more dangerous (in French)

US to cease deporting some illegal immigrants

More good immigration news

"You bozo Haitians, here in Dominican Republic no work permit, no working"

Tragic Death Haiti a nation with a president, a new prime minister, an unprecedented number of cabinet ministers, but now a lot more a place of tragic deaths

gunPop, Pop, Pop In Haiti, an attempt to pump fatal shots into nation's president close friend body, that of felon Roro Nelson

lauryn hillWhen the rich, including Lauryn Hill, steal from the public purse; pleaded guilty Friday

videoA Haiti Martelly-Conille fight like: In Greece parliament, spokesman of far-right Golden Dawn party slapped woman left-wing politician in the face on live television

guns pileMan who apparently deeply believed that Haiti long gang war was embryonic, needed to continue, with the help of his new guns, is arrested

Canadian man who murdered Chinese student, ate part of his body for lunch, mailed body parts to politicians nabbed in Berlin

lifeFormer Egyptian tyrant Hosni Mubarak to spend the remaining duration of his natural life in a prison cell

martelly 12Meet our Excellency Michel Joseph Martelly of the Republic of Haiti

charles taylorAfter a verdict of culpability for "heinous" crimes in war, a sentence of 50 years in prison for former Liberian President Taylor; war criminals in pictures

videoLes Coteaux, the Haiti's city, in the south, to visit   arrowHotelSomando, Coteaux

Former Haitian official Antoine's sentence cut to 18 months


sold 4at auction for $16,400, South African President Zuma's genitals, a practizing polygamist who has 4 current wives and at least 21 children; had been charged with rape before he became president

Now for sale; price reduced Aristide's genitals, Martelly's genitals

Finally, a soccer stadium for Haiti shantytown of Cite Soleil

Blood, blood: On probation in Mass., but apparently still free to also kidnap, murder Americans


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