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Posted Wednesday, February 1, 2012

baby soldierssoldier man
Totalitarian dictator Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier, bloodthirsty dictator Francois 'Papa Doc Duvalier - some of their glory days, a few of their bloody days in pictures

haiti duvalier fduvalier j leopard
In Haiti, only a 'Baby Doc' Duvalier's trial will give the long cause for democracy, human rights, an end to the pillage of the public purse the very image of futility

UN rather demands that former dictator Duvalier face the bar of justice, also for murder, torture

martelly passport?
Haiti's President Martelly: Is that my U.S. passport?

The role of radio in a nation where illiteracy, nearly no access to electricity obstruct citizens progress

In Florida today, the Republican Party presidential vote

What the bible teaches about capitalism

Mass. Governor, members of Boston area Haitian community remember Haiti's fierce quake victims at State House ceremony

grandmother remains
skeletal remains of grandmother who died in 1995 found in storage unit

42 months in prison for a 38-year-old Haitian mother of 3 drug mule

Not black enough to represent political party that until less than two decades ago also was still more than saying "everyone black is half of a person"

What are those? Only bare female breasts for the super-rich or the always very few at the decision making table

Several big quakes might visit Haiti

U.S. man nearly died in a hail of bandits' bullets in Haiti, now on a ventilator

Christians burned alive by Muslims in Nigeria not long ago (graphic)

No verdict of culpability, still Haiti's president is inclined to pardon 'Baby Doc' Duvalier, wants UN troops out

Low IQ and conservative beliefs linked to prejudice

Posted Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Haiti: Two years after the earthquake, also with Mass. Governor Patrick

kesler dufreneRight-wing media, right-wing politicians on deportable Haitian man who killed 3 after Obama halted deportations; compare president to Willie Horton

bad haitianOh, my God! Bloodbath! Bloodbath! Arrested nine times, the first at age 14 for battering a teacher nearly to death, twice convicted Haitian man, 23, allegedly murdered three people after Obama also halted his deportation to Haiti

haiti niceDiscover the other Haiti in Pictures

The Haitian presidency (in French)

Haiti: Two years after the earthquake, also with Mass. Governor Patrick

handcuffs"You will go straight to the national penitentiary," judge told 'Baby Doc'

"If Haiti's president is too determined to have foreign citizenship he must resign"

baby doc
Haiti's 'Baby Doc' to be chastised, may be cuffed, and tight, for repeatedly defying house arrest

Massachusetts communities with highest, lowest per capita income

Haiti's workers can now apply for U.S. guest worker visas, but where will they find employment opportunities remain a very difficult question for even experts to answer

A verdict of culpability for 8 police officers in earthquake related prison riot trial

Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not the first or second time, at least 26 killed, not less than 56 badly injured after a lorry's brakes failed on one of Haiti's capital city of Port-au-Prince busiest streets

In Haiti, former dictator "Baby Doc" is sure enjoying life

jazz festival haiti
More  /  Related Not always politics, Haiti's International Jazz Festival last month

videoI have a dream, I have a dream, one day ...

dream"I have a dream, one day all people will be judged by the size of their pockets"

Patient in stable condition after $44 million bill

obama's criticsWhy are Obama's critics so dumb?

Posted Saturday, January 14, 2012

Among the wealthiest one percent, many variations

Haiti's most notorious drug kingpin Jacques Beaudoin Ketant, godfather of Aristide's daughter Michaelle, prosecuted in Miami could see his 27-year prison sentence extremely reduced and a few years afterward regain his liberty

University Limonade, Haiti, a rare gift of the neighboring Dominican people to the body of persons living in Haiti (in pictures)   

U.S. education pressured by international comparisons

Haiti's accidental president Martelly once again attacks the media, but this time by way of his avalanche of attorneys

Tax imposed on international calls by Haiti President Martelly, not even dime is spent on education - Where is the money?

Fatal stampede in South Africa points up university crisis

Posted Monday, January 9, 2012

A revered, and divided, liberator of South Africa

Queens broker is accused of bringing immigrants' ruin

Agents union stalls training on deportation rules

Posted Saturday, January 7, 2012

American teen mistakenly deported to Colombia returns to Texas

Colombia: Texas teen mistakenly deported will be handed over to U.S. officials

Big study links good teachers to lasting gain

A billionaire lends a hand to Haiti

Haitians take arduous path to Brazil, and jobs

Migrants' new paths reshaping Latin America

Count of rape victims, no longer limited to females, after government added males

Posted Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mass. high court says legal immigrants must be included in state health program

Texas prisoner burials are a gentle touch in a punitive system

Harder for Americans to rise from economy's lower rungs

Haitian president Martelly, others may be removed from office, incarcerated afterward for grave crimes

California Catholic bishop resigns, says he has 2 kids

Posted Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One of Haiti's chief prosecutors refuses to navigate in apprentice-dictator-in-the-making-Martelly's world of illegality, submits letter of resignation

New Year Eve 2012: Celebrations around the world

Obama signs Act to allow detention of U.S. citizens

Haiti's tragic history

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videoAfter pop, pop, pop pop, pop or at least five fatal shots in the head by police, a funeral for Haiti native Herve Gilles
casket1funeral gilles h

gun22herve gillescandles
protest 23protest 24
videoA funeral procession, after Haitian man, with Bible in one of his pockets, died in a hail of bullets fired by police, after he was shot several times in the head.   Related  Abner Louima, from dirt-poor to a great many times a millionaire and ultra-celebrity  /  On eve of trial, ex-officer agrees to perjury term in Louima case


 concert haiti
More Photo credit: Third World)


 cayes prison1

Olritch Beaubrun, former Haiti's riot police leader in Les Cayes who is believed to be hiding in Montreal, Canada, is WANTED for alleged crimes, not limited to mass murder and gross human rights violations. More  / Please send us a picture of him at letters@wehaitians.com or P.O.Box 390581, Cambridge, MA 02139

fullbright students

New Fullbright Public Policy Fellowship, apply before February 1, 2012 

Massachusetts towns, cities

Income per capita 2008

Average income by zip code, from 2001-2005


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