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A SPECIAL SECTION: Haiti, Since the January 12, 2010 Fierce Earthquake

Posted Thursday, September 23, 2010  

Prominent Haitian cabinet minister is allegedly also observed having sexual intercourse with a minor
By Yves A. Isidor,
Wehaitians.com executive editor
CAMBRIDGE, MA, Sept. 23 - As if a woman was sexually deficient, and having a reciprocal or unreciprocal moment of romantic merrittment with her, even after many attempts, could ultimately prove to be extremely deceptive. Prominent Haitian Sports, Youth and Civic Action Cabinet Minister, Evans Lescouflair, was apparently observed having sexual intercourse rather with a 16-year-old boy this week.
evans lescouflair
Evans Lescouflair (L), the Haitian cabinet minister who is said to hate girls, but love boys. The other person in the photograph is unidentified.
Since the boy had yet to reach the statutory age of consent, according to the letter of Haitian law, five prominent opposition senators, including Yourie Latortue, had immediately thereafter called upon Haiti's president, Rene Preval, to permit his justice minister to also urgently question Mr. Lescouflair, who still enjoys a sort of cabinet immunity from prosecution while in office, about a man in his early 30s he was, too, accused of having, with the help of a gun, an involuntary sexual affair.

The questioning of Mr. Lescouflair, they also said, should not be conducted under what is called 'police caution,' meaning that he is not seen as a suspect and the chance of having him endure a sordid pedophile trial is infinitesimally slim.

In many amorous letters sent to the man who finally went public with the unwanted private life of Mr. Lescouflair, many said, the public servant? is said to have always urged his unofficial partner to refer to him as his epistolary queen.

 "I saw them having sex after I saw another slowly moving male body on top of that of Mr. Lescouflair; Oh, man! God damn! At the very end, to be honest with you, it was rough," convincingly said a man who spoke to wehaitians.com, by way of a telephone from Haiti, late Wednesday on the customary condition of anonymity because he did not want the accused terminal pedophile cabinet minister to also express interest in violently terminating his life.
man kissing man
Man kissing man. (Photograph may be copyrighted)
"Mr. Lescouflair was," wehaitians.com also learned, "certainly happily uttering only these few words: 'Oh, darling! It feels good! Oh, darling it really feels good! Oh, baby it really feels good! I want more!' I love you! I will always love you!"

As if our source was rather listening to a group of verses repeated at intervals throughout a song, especially at the end of each stanza, the chanting, if I may refer to the words resulting from the immoral, disgusted sexual encounter as such, the moment de joie (joyful moment) last approximately twenty minutes.                                              
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