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Posted February 26, 2003

Peru rousts Haiti 5-1 in friendly match

By The Associated Press

LIMA, Peru, Feb. 24 - Peru's new Brazilian coach Paulo Autori made a successful debut as his team routed Haiti 5-1 Sunday in a friendly match.

Defender Jose Soto opened the scoring in the 14th minute from the penalty spot, and four minutes later Antonio Serrano made it 2-0.

Jorge Soto scored after 27 minutes to give the Peruvians a 3-0 half-time lead.

Jena Menelas scored Haiti's lone goal in the 51st minute.

Autori then made several substitutions that seemed to rejuvenate his squad.

Soto scored his second goal in the 82nd minute, and Jefferson Farfan completed the scoring a minute later.

This was the first match of 2003 for the South Americans as they prepare for World Cup qualifying matches and the 2004 Copa America.

Autori, who succeeded Julio Cesar Uribe, has made it his main goal to take Peru to its first World Cup finals in 24 years.


PERU: Oscar Ibanez, Jorge Soto, Miguel Villalta, Jose Soto, Jose Moisela (Guillermo Salas), Juan Jayo, Fernando del Solar, Carlos Zegarra, Henry Quinteros (Alfredo Carmona), Jefferson Farfan (Miguel Mosto), Antonio Serrano (Johan Sotil).

HAITI: Agustin Clamart, Desir Roosevelt, Frantz Gilles (Daniel Mentor), Peter Germain, James Dorceus (James St.Cyr), Eddy Cesar, James Jacques Pierre, Romulos Turlient (Stephan Guillaum), Gabriel Michel (Alexander Boucicaul), Golman Pierre, Robert Menelas.

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