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Posted March 15, 2010
Earthquake in Haiti: in Boston wild birds are raising money!


On January 12, 2010, a powerful earthquake struck Haiti, killed more than 230, 000 people and had left more than one million homeless. Unfortunately, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts this disaster seems to be a golden occasion for some fishermen in troubled waters to take their chestnuts out from fire in creating phony organizations. I refuse to remain silent in this continuing crisis in which the Haitian people have a desperate need for food, shelter and medicine.
destroyed nation
The 97-year-old Haitian national palace, which many in Haiti and abroad always referred to as the center of grand-scale corruption, was destroyed in the 7.3-magnitude earthquake. Who knows if some of the wild birds or corrupt people who used to practize grand-scale corruption in the comfort of the destroyed palace are not now in Boston and, especially among the crooks.
In the Boston area almost a week after the disaster, organizations of all kinds have emerged and this without authorization of the Commonwealth. Many self-proclaimed leaders and defenders of the Haitian community have invaded the media, and started raising funds. The Haitian community of Boston as well, has been severely affected by the global economic turmoil. Many Haitians have lost their jobs; and as a result, their homes went to foreclosure. Others refinanced their properties and had used their equity to build homes in Haiti; many of these homes have been destroyed in the earthquake. As a licensed Real Estate Broker, I know what I am talking about.

I cannot comprehend how people who were raised here in the USA, who could have been the guides for their countrymen, have missed their mission so miserably. Many believe that our "Diaspora"¯ is partly responsible for the Haitian problematic. This entity is full of demagogues without scruple who want to get rich at the expense of others. I am ashamed for them because this conduct is frankly anti patriotic. They could have used the ethical and moral standard that we value in America to set an example to newcomers.

Furthermore if you listen to Voix Lakay¯, a popular Haitian radio broadcasting on 1550 AM, callers opinions would convince you this community wants to get rid of these imposters. They are very malicious. They know that this community at large has no great economic means. Now they are using more often a few American organizations to collect funds on behalf of Haiti. Money and other donations have been collected and nobody knows how they have been used.

In 1986 when President Jean-Claude Duvalier left the country and during that time, I was a young journalist and a newscaster at Radio Lumiere. I was a privileged witness of the wrong that some returning emigrants had inflicted to this impoverished land. They wanted power at all costs and vowed to establish a popular dictatorship.

In summary I will say that not all these involve in this noble operation are wild birds, but unfortunately they mixed up with citizens who are helping in good faith.

This is my first article in a series of stories that I intend to write about these wild birds in Boston who are burying the hopes of an entire nation. A famous Haitian scholar and politician would say they have become "foolish".

Romeo Estinvil Can be reached: estinro@hotmail.com
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