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You Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar (R), feel confortable to even  shake the hand of a radical leftist like me, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, harder.  As history holds, I am not Haiti's first brutal dictator.   Most of the Haitian Presidents who came before a de facto like me (I was fraudulently elected)  were tyrants, including the illiterate man, Faustin Soulouque (1782-1867), in the picture below.  He declared himself emperor and so will I soon do the same thing.  You will be invited to my coronation, and will pay for the cost (economic) of your trip to Haiti with narco-dollars ... I have millions of them.   (Reuters Photo/Paul Hana; May 17, 2002; European Union Latam Summit, Spain)   
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Faustin Soulouque (1782-1867), self-declared Emperor of Haiti


Brutal dictators before me, Aristide

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