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Posted November 10, 2003
The Murderers
aristideminouchetirene.jpg (28787 bytes)
Uncommonly vicious tyrant Jean-Bertrand Aristide, center, left, conferring with predecessor/ successor de facto President, also a former neighborhood baker who drinks vodka for breakfast, Réné Préval. Lady, far left, Mildred Trouillot-Aristide. Gerda Benoit-Préval, far right, with Tonton Macoute-type eyeglasses.
An extremely partial list of our victims!
aristidevictims.gif (29025 bytes)
For English Speakers:
Assassiné(e): Assassinated Paralysé(e): Paralyzed Handicappé(e): Handicapped
Agressé(e): Aggressed Décédé(e): Expired Violé(e): Raped
Mireille D. Berthin (assassinée), Gérald Khawly (assassiné), Daphnée Berthold (assassinée), Marie Juliette Philippe (violée et assassinée), Gérard Cassis (assassinée), Docteur Carl Madsen (agressé, paralysé, décédé), Annette D. Lemoine (assassinée), Micheline Lemaire (assassinée), « Pacha » Vorbe (agressé, handicappé), Isabelle R. Wawa (kidnappée), Boris Potensky (kidnappé, disparu), Miryam Sergil (kidnappée), Nathacha C. Zreik (kidnappée), Jean Dominique et Mr Louissin (assassinés), Danièle Lustin (assassinée), Johnny Sambour (assassiné), Pierre Kanzky (assassiné), Geneviève Armand (kidnappée), Sylvio Claude (assassiné), Michel Gonzales (assassiné), « Butch » Ashton (kidnappé), Roland Décatrel (assassiné), « Chouchou » Hakim (assassiné), Jean Jean Borno (assassiné), Gina Prospère (kidnappée), Adrien Hilaire (kidnappé), Valérie Gaetjens (kidnappée), Brignol Lindor (assassiné), « Ti Gabo » Brunet (assassiné), les frères Plaisimond (assassinés), Antoine et Georges Izméry (assassinés), Maxime Millet (assassiné), Edwin Schetigny (kidnappée), Maryse S. Plaisimond (assassinée), Guy Malari (assassiné), Jimmy Lalanne (assassiné), Bernard Fils Aimé (kidnappé), Rose Brian (kidnappée), Jean Lami (assassiné), Mr et Mme Gayard (assassinés), Guy André (assassiné), Manuel Delva (assassiné)……………………

*Not including an average of 59 bodies of persons assassinated found on the streets of Port-au-Prince, the capital, only each month. If the name or names of a victim or victims does or do not figure on the list above, please forward it or them to us via: wehaitians@gis.net. Thank you in advance for your considerable assistance as we continue to work, and arduously so, for a democratic Haiti, a nation where the vast majority of citizens does  not have to endure crushing poverty, too.

In conclusion, if we may further express ourselves, for those who are fluent in the French language, those with reading ability in the language of Voltaire, please read too: Haiti, la loi des milices, of extreme relevance.           

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