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Haitian boat people deported to Haiti by the Bahamas on January 30, 2002

Evans Paul (left) and Serge Gilles, both members of democratic opposition and tyrant Aristide's victims

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Two tyrant Aristide's notorious bandits

Geocelyn Lundi, a tyrant Aristide's notorious bandit

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No jobs.  A significant number of citizens past their time dancing in an effort to forget about their suffering

Man and his sole tiny pig while tyrant Aristide is a great many  times a millionaire

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Man hopes to earn pennies by entertaining crowds

Dirt poor

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Still dirt poor

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Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, at left.   Adrien Raymond, center.  Claude 
Raymond, at right, a former Haitian Army-General, murdered by tyrants Jean-
Bertrand Aristide and his partner in crime, René Préval.   His family thereafter 
entered possession of his body on the condition that Mr.   Raymond's    
funeral 'be not a public affair', meaning that only family members could attend.   
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Jean Lamy, a prospective national police chief, gunned
down by tyrant Jean-Bertrand Aristide's Mafia            
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Radical leftist and totalitarian dictator Jean-Bertrand Aristide's bandits are
     burning their own trash-filled neighborhood                                                     
                     * and HNP photos were used in this pantheon.
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