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Jean Léopold Dominique, the victim

Tyrant René Préval at Dominique's funeral

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Dany Toussaint, the junior assassin

A paid pro-Toussaint's demonstration, 07-26-2000

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Toussaint, in car, going to court with paid bandits

Yvon Neptune, de facto Senate President and bandit

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Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the chief assassin

Claudy Gassant, the investigative judge

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Brignol Lindor, radio journalist hacked to death in Petit-Goâve on December 3, 2001

Lindor's family

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Lindor, radio journalist hacke to death in Petit-Goâve on December 3, 2001

Angry citizens took to the streets, calling radical leftist, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, murderer  

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Robert Menard (right) of RWB, the investigative journalist... Guy Dercé Delva (left),  president Haitian press association 

Lindor's funeral in Petit-Goâve

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Martin Cliche (left) and Mathieu Prud'Homme, both Canadian journalists.  Mathieu was shot in the left arm on 01-22-02 by tyrant Aristide's bandits.

Raul Cedras, the 1991 military dictator

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Jean Dominique is murdered, but the struggle continues, says the banner

Rene Preval, the drunk and neighborhood baker radical leftist dictator

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Brian Dean Curran, the current American Ambassador who wants democracy but no dictatorship

The defender of democracy and the victims

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William Lacy Swing, a former American Ambassador who also kept radical leftist and totalitarian dictator Aristide at bay

Dany Toussaint, 'I look more like a street gangster than a de facto Senator'

*HPN, BBC and CNN's photographs were used in this pantheon., the scholarly journal of democracy and human rights
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