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Tyrants Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti (left) and Fidel Castro
of Cuba (right).  Which of the above bad men do you think has
murdered more of their fellow compatriots?  Quiz yourself.     

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Former brutal and leftist dictator-president
René Préval who drinks vodka for break-
fast swimming

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The crime scene.
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Atty. Mireille Durocher-Bertin was gunned down in broad daylight on a Port-au-Prince street, three days before former United States' President William "Bill" Jefferson Clinton traveled to Haiti to celebrate the triumph of democracy over tyranny, he then said.  In the aftermath of the brutal murder, agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.),  at the request of chief  bandit Aristide, traveled to the troubled Caribbean nation to help with the investigation.  Unfortunately, the results of the investigation were never divulged to Haitians and international human rights groups. 

More than one hundred other names figured on the hit list, which contents were immediately communicated to the U.S. press (including The Boston Herald - see a March 15, 1995 article written by Jason Johnson), after Professor Yves A. Isidor entered possession of it late the day before and learned that he, too, was to be murdered.  Professor, in fact, did inform Mrs. Bertin of totalitarian dictator Aristide's plan to murder her. Unfortunately, she refused to believed the tyrant would go as far brutally terminating the lives of freedom fighters.  A sentiment that was, too, echoed by Raymond Alcide Joseph, the current Haiti Ambassador in Washington, D.C., whose name also figured on the Death List. 

Hundreds more of radical leftist Aristide's political opponents, including those presumed to be so, such as celebrated radio journalist and commentator Jean Leopold Dominique, and most recently talk show host Brignol Lindor, have been brutally murdered.  None of the criminals, including Aristide, the intellectual author of those odious crimes, have yet to be taken out of the circulation to face the bar of justice.  
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