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Posted December 12, 2010


Haitian Presidential Candidate Martelly Responses to CEP's Letter

Mr. Gaillot Dorsinvil
President of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP)

Mr President,

After having received your invitation to participate to the recount of the results of the November 28, 2010 elections, I am informing you that being a Presidential candidate, as respect to myself and my fellow Haitians, I am compelled to decline your invitation.

The question that emerges from everyone, due to this unfortunate circumstance is: what are the interests that motivate and what are the gains of such surprising and illegal CEP’s process? This last measure taken by the council, without a doubt, only aims to comfort the CEP in its position expressed on Tuesday December 7, 2010: Position of violation of the interests and rights of the majority of the Haitian people, victims of true political machinery.

The solution of this political farce, which regrettably caused the loss of human lives, certainly does not consist on a pure and simple recount of CEP acts held by the CEP. It consists on the radical annulment of the acts from the voting centers and/or offices damaged, vandalized, object of massive and scandalous fraud favoring the Government’s protégé, candidate Mr. Jude Celestin, as stated by the local and international press, the integrality of the Haitian population and the National Observation Center (CNO); that the CEP cannot pretend to ignore.

Remember, Mr. President, how numerous were the citizens which, in violation of the Constitution and the electoral law, were prevented from exercising their political rights due to, events that where occurring that day and threats against them, and on the other hand, obvious irregularities observed in the organization of these elections.

The National Observation Center (CNO), present on the day of the elections in all the electoral centers and offices, until the closing of the voting offices, acting independently and without any kind of pressure, made public the authentic, solely, unique, and credible presidential results according to the genuine electoral acts.

It is to be asked by which mean, which trick and following what kind of political and governmental or other pressure, this "trashed" CEP reduced the adequate quantum of votes that I obtained, transferring them at the same time to increase Jude Celestin’s percentage. This palpable and inadmissible fraud has immediately been denounced and manifested by an infuriated population.

The crimes and offenses against the Constitution, the crimes and offenses related to the exercise of political rights, the attacks to freedom are seen and severely punishable by the penal code.

The members of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) shouldn’t neither have validated, under any circumstances, nor cautioned such arbitrary, illegal, and scandalous acts, engaging their personal responsibility.

Mr. President, accept my salutations and please extend them to the members of the Council

Presidential Candidate, Repons Peyizan

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