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Posted September 9, 2010

International Burn Nine Korans (Qurans) Day

international burn a koran day
Pastor Terry Jones, above The terrorist attack also took the lives of more than 3,000 innocent citizens, most of them Americans. This coming Saturday, September 11, will once again be another sad day for all civilized inhabitants of the United States and millions of others from around the world. There is a reason for so. It will, regrettably, be the 9th anniversary of the barbarous, murderous act of a small band of Islamic lunatics. As a result, many believe nine Korans (Qurans), one for each of the past nine years, should rather be consumed by flames - not just one. If the Islamic terrorists do not make an effort to comport themselves as responsible men and women, as being integral parts of the civilized world, next year, the 10th anniversary of the attack, they added, the number of Korans (Qurans) set ablaze will most likely double - 20 total. 

The Quran

the quranquran 1quran 3


A violent protest against burning the Quran in Jalalabad, Afghanistan Friday

protest af



Some of the September 11th terrorist attacks' victims

sept 11




videoInternational Burn a Koran Day
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