The chief terrorists, Osama bin Laden (left, below) and Jean-Bertrand Aristide (right, below).    More photos
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Translation of  the above words, from Haitian Creole to English.  1.  Teworis (Terrorists); 2.  Frè Marasa (Twin Brothers); 3.  Bilding Marasa (Twin Towers); 4.  bin Laden (left photo); 5.   Aristide (right photo) and 6.  Mènmman Parèyman (Same old terrorists).

"The little bird is going to show the big bird what he can do."
              Jean-Bertrand Aristide, September 7, 2001
What exactly was Aristide saying? The small country or
dirt poor Afghanistan, but through bin Laden, is going to
show the big country or the United States what it can do.
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