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The World of Blood/Democracy - Cross-dressing Haitian presidents


Meet Our Excellency Michel Joseph Martelly of Haiti

martelly 10
martelly 11
martelly 12


We (Rene Preval (left, below), the former president; Michel Martelly, his successor) hate books; put them all in the trash can, this is exactly what we did until they kicked us out of school.

preval martelly



Does Santa Claus Martelly have a Christmas present for you too?

santa claus martelly



When Soldiers Turn Bestial



A beating (Wed., Dec. 14, 2011) by United Nations' Brazilian occupying forces in Haiti that may leave three Haitians paralyzed

beating haitians



Is baby tyrant Jean-Claude "Doc" Duvalier finally festering behind bars?

duvalier jail


Life in a part of Africa

poverty sudan africa

Impossible to be precise, since so many Sudanese (Young, old) look approximately the same because extreme malnutrition is the principal, if not the one, determinant of their quality of life. A boy or man recently starved to death in a Sudanese desert. (Photo may be copyrighted)


Is Haiti's President, Michel J. Martelly, solely a Haitian citizen?

martelly citisenzhip

A meeting of democrats or dictators?

meeting dictators
Top photos - From left to right President Michel J. Martelly with former President Boniface Alexandre,  President Martelly in the company of Prosper Avril. Bottom photos - From left to right President Martelly with Jean-Bertrand Aristide, President Martelly standing next to Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier.

Traveling to New York City (Brooklyn) from Haiti to play music to smoke a joint to get drunk, all other related vices, too, with the same usual bodies, to as Haiti's accidental president, Michel J. Martelly, delivering a speech, which many have equated to residue, because it lacked in substance and relevant issues, at the United Nations 66th General Assembly before a sparse audience Friday, September 23, 2011 -  videoThe speech or Third World residue

martelly 16
martelly 18
Some members of Haiti's President Michel J. Martelly Large delegation.
martelly 17
martelly 15


gro soso 2
gro so
martelly speaking 2
martelly speaking 1
 Sent: Sat 24/09/11 11:06 AM 


A l’ONU Haïti a été représentée par Martelly son fils  Olivier et Gros Soso (fam'n lestomak bef)

Ki sa,  la femme du président  Gros Soso et son fils Olivier Martelly tap    a la salle de l’assemblée générale des nations unies ?

Martelly n’a pas le droit de mettre à la face du monde les idioties acceptées en Haïti par les élites défaillantes. Ils apparaissaient comme une famille royale  des temps anciens.

Un discours creux, qui sera rapidement  rangé dans la poubelle des archives des nations Unies.

En plus, de sa nullité personnelle incontestable, Martelly s’est également entouré des conseillers les plus nuls.

Qui a écrit ce discours ?

Aucune mention des questions importantes de l’heure qui aurait donné une certaine dimension a sa personne et une aura au pays. La question de la création de l'Etat  palestinien, aucune mention de la résolution du sénat relative au retrait de la Minustah, le dédommagement des victimes du cholera  etc et ra ….

Son discours a été elaboré dans le but de sécuriser ses cinq ans ... ou plus exactement 56 mois restant !!!

Demain on demandera aux diplomates des nations unis qu’avez-vous retenu du discours du président haïtien ?

Ils répondront sans ambages ----  absolument rien Tèt kale

Ti Yvon,
Port-au-Prince, Haiti WI



What do you think, Jean-Bertrand "Titid" Aristide is more capable of using a firearm or necklace than words to set political scores with Baby Tyrant Jean-Claude Duvalier?


videoAristide's September 27, 1991 Famous Speech: How to give even an assumed political opponent a Pere Lebrun or Burn Him/Her alive (in the Haitian Creole lingo)

NOTE: Necklacing or necklace: The practice of summary execution carried out by forcing a used rubber tire, with petrol, around a victim's chest, arms or neck, and setting it on fire. The victim, assume his or her body is not or badly mutilated, may take up to 20 minutes to die, suffering severe burns in the process. Before Haiti (where it was rather referred to as or proudly called Père Lebrun, long after a tire merchant appeared in television commercials with one of his goods of the same nature around his neck), during the bloodthirsty dictatorship of Aristide, thnecklacee first recorded instance took place in Uitenhage, South Africa on March 23, 1985 when African National Congress (ANC) supporters killed a councilor who was accused of being a collaborator of the Apartheid regime.

More, in Haiti Père can also mean a Roman Catholic father or priest. Attempts were made by a priest named Joachim Samedi to promote, with great fanfare, Père Lebrun to Bishop Lebrun. "The reasons why," he said, with certitude, "Père Lebrun did such a good job, now it is time for it to be duly promoted until it can thereafter become a cardinal, and why not ultimately pope."

used car tires

An English language text version of Aristide September 27, 1991 famous speech, when Aristide told the nation of Haiti about the virtues of Père Lebrun

titid firing gunduvalier baby
Not me, Aristide; in fact, I am a saint. You bastard, dictator, criminal, thief, assassin, seller of nation Jean-Claude I long told you that one day you will pay for all of your crimes. Jean-Bertrand 'Titid' Aristide (L) pointing his loaded gun at Baby 'Tyrant' Doc Jean-Claude Duvalier. (Photos,, file) 



Now, President Michel Joseph Martelly, no more Sweet Micky, the diaper wearing carnival king


president micky



A protester wore a Hosni Mubarak mask and handcuffs this month in a mock prison cell set up in Tahrir Square in Cairo.


egypt h1



Dr. Jean-Bertrand "Titid" Aristide (right, below) is now in the process of identifying or determining the nature and cause of a disease through an examination of Haitian presidential candidate, Mirlande H. Manigat (center). The latter, "I'm convinced that the pathological condition that happens to unfortunately determine my quality of health, in the negative terms, is terminal; I do not, in part or in full, want my lovely Leslie (Professor Manigat, to be precise) to become a widower. Please Doc., anything you are capable of doing so I may cease to suffer from a medical condition (I'm not inclined to be just a grossly incompetent, corrupt to the teeth Haitian president like guys named Aristide and Preval), as abnormal and harmful as this one is, will certainly be greatly appreciated." Haiti's outgoing dictator Rene Preval (R) was the first patient whose medical condition compelled immediate action or attention. Review of laboratory data showed that he was a "super-alcoholic or a person, not of nature public speakers, who consumed alcoholic beverages (Tafia or Haitian homemade rum, for example) distilled at a high proof in the wee hours of the night." 


dr titid





 Haiti thugs, what are their crimes against the Haitian people, the international community, which has donated billions of dollars of its taxpayers' monies to the still dirt- poor Caribbean nation?

handcuffs 2 handcuffs 1

strong men

Poverty-soaked Haiti extreme violence-issued President Preval is said to possess at least $81 million


"I'm back, in fact to further steal from the very poor or dirt-poor Haitians, especially the cholera suffering people, the earthquake victims. Oh! My God! I heard the international community has billions of dollars for them. I can always tell those useful idiots people "bourik congo" (stupid) tales, such as "Tim tim bwa seche", the very effective opium that I always use to convince them to also lend credence to all of my other lies. Oho! Ya! I can now purchase myself more expensive suits, chatter more jets; also, buying more sunglasses so I can see my beautiful Minouch (Mildred Trouillot Aristide) or wife better - not you dirty, filthy people of the ghettos." Jean-Bertrand Aristide, former bloodthirsty maniac Haitian president who was inclined to be for life, shortly thereafter divinely appointed myself monarch.  

titid back


song for manman rapper, Haitian presidential candidate Mirlande Manigat

More about manman superstar


Rene Preval, no longer largely incompetent of earthquake-cholera-blanket grinding poverty-ravaged Haiti. But now a musician. He will soon perform too with United States of America popular singer Beyonce and Columbian-born singer Shakira. Like Mariah Carey, another U.S. singer, whose music is also intended to be received and appreciated by ordinary people, for example in a literate society, dominated by urban culture, may be he will soon receive the large sum of $1,000,000 from Gadhafi's clan to sing only four songs - videoPreval, the superstar. / Beyonce performing half-naked for murderous dictator Gadhafi


Oh, My God! Haitian presidential contender Mirlande H. Manigat, 70 (center, below), now a hip hop superstar


mirlande manigat


When one of Haiti's former venal dictators, Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, says "I'm now at home, in Haiti; I don't drink hard like the guy down there, dictator Preval; I'm simply enjoying myself; I'm must be with my people, including the inhabitants of my late mother Simone Ovide Duvalier's middle size city of birth, Léogâne."

In Leogane

Can Baby "Tyrant" Doc Dance?

baby dancing

baby dancing 2

baby dancing 3

baby dancing 4

baby dancing 5


baby dancing 6

All above photos/Ramon Espinoza/AP

 baby doc eating 1
 baby doc eating 2
 baby doc eating 3
 baby doc eating 4
 baby doc eating 5

Montagne Noire, above the hills of capital city of Port-au-Prince; also, Leogane


"I, deposed venal tyrant Jean-Bertrand Aristide, ready to return to Haiti from exile in South Africa; you see, my bags are packed; I certainly will have unpleasant words for the imperialists who kidnapped me in 2004, ingrate tyrant Preval; I sure will not forget this one, 'Baby Doc' criminal, too."

 titid ready


$ urgently needs you financial assistance$


This is exactly, as you can visualize by way of the picture below, will soon most likely occur on presidential inauguration day in quake-cholera-hit, perhaps now, too, polio Haiti and promptly soon thereafter. Sure "Baby Tyrant," who crawled back into his crib, that is Haiti, after nearly 24 years of forced exile in France will most like be dancing too, and all night.

music in haiti


Guitarist Wycleff Jean (L); Organist, Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly (far right; and the third man is looser Judge Celestin, who has been told that he can no longer be a presidential candidate, meaning that he now has the time needed to father more than 23 children with 13 different women. Bravo Jude!



When Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly (49) proposes to his fellow Haitian presidential contender Mirlande Hypolitte Manigat (70)

michel martelly mirlande manigat


To comprehend Haiti's  so-called leaders is to, without reservations, refer to the nation's plethora of unwanted corrosive problems, not limited to: Cooked votes, earthquake, cholera, hurricanes, blanket crushing poverty, grand-scale corruption, gross incompetence, grand immorality (see text below), and a president who is not only of nature public speakers, but consumes, in large quantity, alcoholic beverages distilled at a high proof for breakfast.

haiti so-called leaders


When Haiti's retrograde, chief cretin dictator Rene Preval (R, below) says to his chosen replacement Judge Celestin, who fathered at least 23 children with 13 different women (including the primitive bloodthirsty BIGMAN's daughter Patricia Preval who is now again pregnant for the father of her first and only child), when the latter person of the same name was a male, "'I must 'cook' the  presidential election results like I used to bake bread when I was a failed neighborhood baker to be sure that you and Mirlande Manigat (the naive, old little lady) are placed ahead of Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly, paving the way for you to become the next largely incompetent president, and, yes, too, officially notorious chief bandit. Yes, I, the chameleon, according to the dirt-poor, quake-cholera-ravaged Caribbean nation said letter of the law, will be in political retirement, but one thing is for certain I will not be forced into exile like Titid (Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the exiled president) I betrayed or incarcerated for untold number unbelievable crimes committed against the Haitian people, ultimately depriving me of the usual opportunity to also get DRUNK in the wee hours of the night. Listen, mon amour (my darling) belle petite fille (nice little girl) Jude, I will always tell you what to do, even when we are having sexual intercourse (which I very much enjoy, especially after unreservedly consuming alcoholic beverages distilled at a high proof), since you owe your extremely illegitimate presidency to me. Kill! kill! murder, in broad daylight, all of the bastard Haitians who expect you to change their quality of life, in the positive terms; also, those who are against you. That's the only way you can certainly first prove that you are my protégé, alternately a mentally retarded totalitarian dictator; ultimately, you self-declare yourself king, and for life."  

preval celestin love
preval wycleff love
Wycleff Jean (L), the singer who wanted to be president, but was disqualified, holding tyrant Rene Preval.


When current Haitian president Rene Preval (L, below), former Haitian heads of state Jean-Bertrand Aristide (C, below), and Boniface Alexandre turn cross-dressers 

haitian president crossdresser
Haitian President Lady Rene Preval, a female who is not of nature public speakers, is reputed for drinking alcoholic beverages distilled at a high proof for breakfast. The American financial firm, American Express, in one of its many commercials urges those in possession of its credit card not to leave home without it. Preval herself rather says "Don't leave home without your Haitian bottle of rum barbancourt," as you can visualize above.

What about Madame Jean-Bertrand Aristide? She is a former deposed murderous dictator who went as far as as urging her bandits to violently terminate the lives of even those suspected of being democracy advocates, human rights defenders. Often, used car tires were placed around victims' necks after their bodies were mutilated. Their corpses or carcasses, which burning speed was determined by the quantity of gasoline poured on them, were ultimately consumed by flames after matches used.

Old girlie, senior citizen Boniface Alexandre was a say-nothing-acting-Haitian-president (204-206). Her prime minister, Gerard "Gros Gerard" or "Big Gerard," always did all of the talking, as they say in the vernacular. The latter could not help promote the virtues of democracy (free elections, for example) during his tenure. Ironically, he (was part of a delegation) recently voyaged to Ivory Coast to lecture (in French) citizens of that once peaceful, but long troubled western African country, about the principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community. "We are here," he eloquently said, "to review the democratic progress made over the pass five years." Unfortunately, absolutely nothing of the same was said about his native nation of Haiti, especially his two-year tenure. Oh, my God! He is sure the wrong democracy teacher.  
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