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Professor Yves A. Isidor conveys his thoughts or opinion to the U.S. news media (partial)
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We want to become your most important pupils

Let us know what you think - even if you do not share our views. Chief among your accusations, we pretend to be Voice-of-God journalists, even when you are incapable of offering an elegant demolition of arguments, nothing can be found to give nourishment to your reproach. Write us, telephone us, or send us an electronic message with your opinion - even if you attack us with the same zeal Demosthenes attacked the political ambitions of Philip of Macedon. 

Much like our own opinion and effort, your opinion will not give your effort the very image of futility. It will help put great weight on checks and balances, on limits to power and hence to abuses of power, in Haiti, so the Caribbean nation can (hopefully) subsequently begin to journey to democracy rule, and bumps along the way are inevitable (minimal democracy), and ultimately become a democracy (maximal democracy) and permanently remain so, after more than 200 years of totalitarian dictatorship.

So important is your opinion we might become your most important pupils, as Plato, who established the Socratic tradition of instruction in his school, the Academy, was Socrates'. 

Our coordinates and information
  • Postal: P.O. Box 390581, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 (U.S.A.)
  • Web site: www.wehaitians.com
  • Founded: March 1, 2000
  • Telephone: (617) 852-767  

  • Conventional long form name: We Haitians United We Stand For Democracy
  • Conventional short name: Wehaitians
  • Abbreviation: WHUWSD
  • Founded: September 7, 1994
We welcome correspondences for publication

Wehaitians.com (a repository of ultimate knowledge), widely regarded, not least by itself, as the world's only English language Haitian-American scholarly journal of democracy and human rights of record, and whose cardinal tenet is simply truth, welcomes correspondences, preferably with an emphasis on Haiti, from visitors for publication. For authenticity, all letters, press releases, articles, or studies, should include the writers' names, addresses and telephone numbers. Researchers must indicate in a signed cover letter, of which copy may be kept in their files, that all of the works submitted for publication are theirs, and that even a short sentence was not borrowed from someone else's work. Letters, articles and press releases' worth on political issues, for example, that is recognized by our editor will be accommodated in our new section, Editorials/Op-Ed, but may first be edited for clarity.Wehaitians or its members should not be, in part or in full, liable for any actions in reliance thereon.  

A final message

The list of our columns and press releases is far from being complete, but it gives an indication of the work of professor Yves A. Isidor on behalf of "We Haitians United We Stand For Democracy." It shows, too, a partial list of newspapers that publish many of his columns and press releases. As new and old columns and press releases come to our attention they will be added to the list    

star.gif (188 bytes)We Haitians United We Stand For Democracy and Wehaitians.com are committed to appointments being made on merit and to a policy of equal opportunities, welcome diversity in the workplace and encourage applications from all qualified persons with evident democratic and human rights qualities, regardless of race, ethnic or national origin, religion, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.    


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