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Posted Thursday, July 26, 2012

arrowHaiti's president brother-in-law, long accused to also be a drug lord, is said to have received bribe from Martelly

haiti cherie
Haitian culture, not represented at well attended Somerville summer street festival

657 borrowed by Haiti's government of Martelly is believed to have been stolen by members of the government of the same; president's wife is accused of being a land "big thief"

After 70 fatal shots in total, tragedy at the movie theater: another U.S. mass shooting, at least 12 killed, 58 injured and the God given-right to bear arms in America  

scholarships, also for Haitians - Apply before Oct. 30, 2012

fignole arrested
The arrest and expulsion from Haiti of populist Haitian President Daniel Fignole in pictures

Posted Wednesday, July 18, 2012

arrowA happy ending for two sons of God, Boston's Haitian-American community rejoiced

Kidnapped Boston-based Haitian-American pastor, church lady released.

Posted Monday, July 16, 2012

arrowKidnapped Boston-based Haitian-American pastor, church lady released.

Secret Service turns Martelly request down for security

watchWhere cholera and the good life rub shoulders

tv comedy
On Haitian TV, masses laugh at other half

2 Americans of Haitian descent kidnapped in Egypt; kidnapper vows to terminate their lives unless his demand is met
martelly jokeWorld's laughingstock President Martelly - his Haiti, a country with more than its share of sadness: perennially dirt-poor, extremely aid-dependent, rich in political instability, corruption, biblical times disease, incompetence and disaster, to name only these ones, suggesting that the Caribbean nation will most likely soon be transformed into a museum devoted to the study of failed states - has officially offered to help elephant-hole, death-hole Democratic Republic of Congo solve its centuries-old interminable, untold number of unbelievable problems More

New in Brief Limbe, Haiti -
Gunmen, believed to be connected to Haiti (it will most likely soon be transformed into a museum devoted to the study of failed states) President Martelly, attempted to physically assault radio station manager, Francis Johnson, June 29, in the courtyard of Hotel Plaza, where an official delegation that included convicted criminal  Ronald "Roro" Nelson and  Nono Jean-Baptiste was lodged.

social classesTwo classes in America, divided by 'I do'

Posted Tuesday, July 10, 2012

aids america
Endgame: On PBS, AIDS in black America Related: When blame is again unjustly assigned to Haitians tor the pandemic, AIDS - Biginning July 10, 2012

videoJordanian MP pulls gun during TV debate, comes close to pumping fatal shots into colleague's body 

new elitistsThe new elitists

american haitian2 jailed Americans, with Haitian girlfriends, regain liberty in Haiti

arrow"Even if you have no money to purchase basic foods, you pay or we jail you"

arrowRadio station critical of Haiti's president Martelly firebombed.

jobs h

haiti new 1

Earthquake relief where Haiti was not broken 

Financed by $224 million in subsidies flowing to Haiti as a result of the earthquake, the Caracol Industrial Park is hardly reconstruction in the strictest sense. The spending of reconstruction funds in Caracol is misplaced, say critics. The A.F.L.-C.I.O. accuses Sae-A of using bribes, rape, death threats and imprisonment to break up unions in Guatemala. The site is associated with foreign exploitation. During the United States occupation in the early 20th century, it harbored the Chabert Post, where the Marines ran a prison labor camp infamous for brutal treatment of captured rebels. One rebel leader, Charlemagne Péralte, an iconic figure in Haiti immortalized on a coin, was initially buried on the property in an unmarked grave.  Former Haitian prime minister, Jean-Max Bellerive, called the presence of Sae-A in Caracol “a great day for Haiti.” More  

Posted Tuesday, July 3, 2012

arrowRadio station critical of Haiti's president Martelly firebombed.

petion ville"We will burn down Petion Ville, overthrow Martelly"

videoThe rich and the rest of us

arrowThe official residence of a Haitian royal personage

arrowQuietly finding Haiti's audacious beauty/  

probation 1Poor Land in Jail as Companies Add Huge Fees for Probation   

photo wedding 1Haiti: A wedding of the super-rich few, not one of the perpetual plentiful dirt-poor
haiti rich 10
Haiti of the super rich, also perennial standard-bearers of the very sad nation confluence of untold number of problems, their house slaves   arrowWhat is the Haitian Elite?
garlan millerLost in recession, toll on underemployed and underpaid Garland Miller, above,  has degrees in finance and accounting but works as a server at a restaurant   

citigroup haiti
As U.S. very powerful Ciigroup bank celebrates its 200 anniversary, no mention of its unbelievable brutal past in Haiti is made, no reference to its consideration of Haitians as "grown up children"
(Photo: Reuters)<br>An Israeli man was charged with arson after he threw Molotov cocktails at the homes of African migrants in Tel Aviv.
Poor, Desperate, And Black Illegal African Intruders Stoke Anti Immigrant Attitudes In Israel
obama terry jonesLunatic American pastor who was also fined more than $3,000 by German authorities for referring to himself as doctor hangs us President Obama in effigy

clinton babyTHANK YOU BILL CLINTON FOR SHAKING MY HANDS  "You pig, criminal Baby Doc, no shaking of your bloody hands,' French Ambassador Didier Le Bret ,stationed in Haiti, apparently told the former tyrant at the nation's most prestigious high school 122 anniversary "grande fete" late last week

arrowMan to protest rinse only with soap citizens' dirty mouths law

arrowUruguay plans to let government sell marijuana

viginas you world "You Mr. Speaker, do not caress or squeeze my vagina" (coco or bňbot, in Haitian Creole) "please" More

arrowFATAL SHOTS Not long after that of a Florida state trooper, another high profile murder in Haiti - a roller coaster of drug trafficking, grand-scale corruption, gross incompetence, primitivity, etc.; U.S. embassy warns citizens 

rodney king 12Rodney King, unprecedented symbol of police brutality (more than 50 baton blows, at least 11 fractures), died at 47 dollar logo $3.8 million for Rodney King, afterward; not a dime yet, also for Evans Paul, long after a $41 million damage judgment was awarded to the victims of former Haiti dictator Prosper Avril


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